Academic Tutoring

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How We Work

We provide in-home private tutoring in Houston, TX.

  • Committed to tailored teaching methods for each student’s unique needs
  • Fueled by the notion that we are helping students write their own success stories
  • Boosting confidence is our greatest achievement — we help each student find the successful learner within

Who do we serve?

All pre-elementary, elementary, middle school, & high school students as well as many college and graduate-level students

What do we teach?

Specific subject material, study skills, organization, and even life skills (basic cooking, etc). We focus heavily on building confidence.

Where does tutoring take place?

We are an in-home private tutoring provider, so our tutors work in the student’s home, often creating greater convenience for the parents.

Which subjects can you tutor?

See list below. (If your subject of interest is not listed, please contact us. We are constantly adding experts to our team of tutors.)

Subjects Available for Private Tutoring

Subjects are listed in alphabetical order, organized by subject.

If you do not see your subject of interest, please let us know. We are updating this list constantly as we add more tutors to our team.

English  •  Geography  •  History  •  Language Arts  •  Math  •  Reading  •  Science  •  Social Studies  •  Spelling  •  Writing
Algebra I  •  Algebra II  •  Ancient Greek  •  Biology  •  Calculus  •  Chemistry  •  English  •  Geography  •  Geometry  •  History  •  Italian  •  Language Arts  •  Latin  •  Literature  •  Philosophy  •  Physics  •  Political Science  •  Pre-Algebra  •  Pre-Calculus  •  Public Speaking  •  Spanish  •  Statistics  •  Writing (all types)
Algebra  •  Ancient Greek  •  Biology  •  Chemistry  •  English  •  Geography  •  History (American)  •  History (World)  •  Italian •  Latin  •  Philosophy  •  Political Science  •  Public Speaking  •  Remedial math  •  Spanish  •  Writing & editing

What Parents Say

Bonnie has been tutoring my 10 yr old son, Jamie, for almost 6 months and we are very happy with her. My son has a problem with staying focused for a period of time, but Bonnie is always able to get his attention everyday she tutors him. My son always looks forward to her coming. She is firm when she needs to be and very caring when he is having a bad day. My son has gone from starting the school year with low grades and not much confidence in himself to being very confident and getting higher grades. I have had tutors in the past for my son,but Bonnie has turned out to be the best. I have peace of mind knowing that she is capable of tutoring and helping him throughout the school year.
Esmie C., Mother of an Elementary School Student

What Students Say

The Brain Domain helps you become more organized in completing assignments and studying for tests. My tutors make studying more efficient, which allows you to spend more time getting work done and actually studying the material instead of searching for answers. So in working with The Brain Domain you are far more prepared for quizzes and tests. My tutors are very knowledgeable, keep me on track, and make learning the material completely painless and stress-free. They also keep you laughing and engaged the whole time — it’s nice to get through the homework assignments and by the end not only feel great about the material, but to do it in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore is pretty amazing. I would definitely recommend The Brain Domain.
J.L., College Student
Do you have questions about private tutoring? Reach out to us today!