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Choosing the right curriculum is the focus of many homeschool families and was an essential element in my education growing up as well. There are many reasons why people choose to homeschool and often it is to provide the children with the best environment and opportunities to thrive in society and as individuals. Have you tried a new curriculum every couple of years in the hopes of finding one that will fill in where one curriculum may have fallen short or to provide a new approach to an area that your child has been struggling in? Have you ever considered that your curriculum may not be the missing link?

As a homeschool graduate with six siblings, I am familiar with some of the many blessings and challenges of homeschooling. With the help of a tutor, I discovered that I am a visual and auditory learner and retain information best when I repeatedly  explain and draw out the information at hand.  Understanding my learning style has been extremely helpful in mastering content throughout high school and college. My homeschool education provided me with a solid foundation for learning with the help of encouraging parents, a good curriculum, and a tutor.

One of the challenges that I encountered in homeschooling was not with the curriculum or with the textbooks; rather, it was in understanding how to transfer the information that I had learned in my homeschool education to the multiple choice standardized tests that came up in high school. The pressure to perform well on standardized tests increased each year in high school as my score determined which universities and scholarships I would qualify for. The scores that I received on the ACT my freshman and sophomore year of high school did not reflect the grades that I had received in my homeschool work. I knew that there had to be a way to improve my standardized test score and after countless ACT preparation books, I finally resolved to finding a tutor in my small hometown. After working closely with a tutor for many weeks, I was able to bring my ACT score a point or two each time that I took the test (I took it eight times before graduating). By the time I graduated, my ACT score enabled me to be accepted into the school of my choice and qualified me for a fantastic scholarship. The money that my parents invested in the tutor was returned in the form of scholarships yielding over fifty times the original investment. This reality allowed me to see the value of supplementing our curriculum and test preparation books with a tutor. The benefits of having a tutor in high school proved worthwhile when the help that I received back in high school has continued to impact my daily life. I have been able to succeed in my college classes and nursing school which I credit to my homeschool education and to the tutor who helped me discover my learning style and how to approach standardized tests.

Currently I am the Tutoring Coordinator for The Brain Domain and I was originally attracted to the company because of the individualized approach of the company. The positive impact that understanding my learning style had on my life motivated me to work for a company that embraces each student’s unique learning style. Complementing your curriculum with a tutor from The Brain Domain is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Flexibility is one of the greatest blessings of homeschooling and one of the perks of The Brain Domain. Our tutors are here to come alongside you in the education of your child and can help with foundational concepts such as reading in elementary school, ACT and SAT test preparation in high school, or college counseling. We will come alongside you at any step of the way from Pre-K through college to assist where needed.
  • Homeschooling is an individualized approach to education which The Brain Domain echoes. At The Brain Domain, we meet students where they are and customize each session to address the individual needs of the student. Helping an elementary student learn to read, a middle school student understand algebra, and a high school student conquer standardized tests are some of the many ways that tutors can complement your curriculum and prepare your student for successful learning.
  • Homeschooling allows children to be taught in a way that best fits their unique learning style. Sometimes it is difficult to know how one best retains and understands information without the help of an expert. Our tutors are trained in understanding learning styles and are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential by unlocking the tools to learn effectively.
  • Students with special needs are able to flourish in homeschooling with the appropriate resources. Supplementing your curriculum with a personalized tutor from The Brain Domain will elevate the education of your student with special needs.
  • Homeschooling allows accurate assessment of learned material through a variety of methods such as through written essays and oral reports; however, standardized tests are not the most common assessment tools which can result in poor performance on standardized tests by homeschoolers. Teaching particular information on a subject to be memorized for the purpose of passing a certain test is not often found in homeschooling. Thus, homeschoolers may benefit from additional practice and expert counsel in mastering the art of taking standardized tests. Let one of our expert tutors help you to translate your knowledge on to a standardized test so that it reflects your capacity as a student.

Finding the right homeschool curriculum is important; furthermore, complementing that curriculum with a tutor from The Brain Domain will help fill in the gaps. I am convinced that my success story is dependent on the dedication of the tutor who helped me discover my unique learning style and helped me bridge the gap from understanding material to performing well on standardized tests in high school and college. The Brain Domain combines these approaches and provides holistic services that address each individual in whatever capacity needed. At The Brain Domain we are dedicated to helping your student succeed by coming alongside you on the homeschooling journey at any step of the way.

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