I was desperate for an Algebra tutor for my son. Bonnie came to assess my son’s needs and recommended a tutor best to fit them. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better. We got Yoshi & he was so professional and on the top of his game that literally the next day my son aced his quiz. He went from a low D to now a high B hopefully an A by the time school finishes. My only regret is not finding The Brain Domain earlier in the year. I highly recommend them!!!
Amanda C, Mother of a Middle School Student
The Brain Domain was very instrumental in the education of my special needs son. His tutor’s patience combined with her no-nonsense approach to learning helped him learn on his own timeline while being nudged along. She also helped him with cooking and even socialization. The Brain Domain was a godsend to our entire family!
Nancy P., Mother of a Middle School Student
I was introduced to The Brain Domain through a family friend from my university and they have tutored me now for about 2 years. I first tutored with Bonnie for a credit for my major, which was psychology inferential statistics. I came to Bonnie with a shaky background in my previous high school education. That didn’t matter. I got a B in the class despite my lack of math skills and that was incredible for me. I came to The Brain Domain again this semester for my core credit of finite math. I called them in advance as soon as I found out that I was taking that class. My tutors also tutor me for some of my psychology credits including research psychology, child psychology, and counseling and psychotherapy. I’ve changed a lot because of The Brain Domain. They didn’t just help me with my classes, they helped me gain confidence in myself. I came to college thinking I might not be able to make it because of my background. I just didn’t know how to be a student, let alone a good one. My tutors helped me realize that I could within one semester. Since then I’ve grown to become a better student that actually has confidence and that’s because of The Brain Domain.
Gabby P., College Student
The Brain Domain not only provides you with a trustworthy tutor, they provide you with the confidence that you need to excel in areas that may be a struggle! If you need help in an academic area, or just need some guidance and extra confidence to rock that upcoming test, The Brain Domain is your solution!
Phoebe S., College Student
My tutor from The Brain Domain tutors me in English, math, and chemistry. I also have a tutor for prepping me for the ACT and SAT. The subject tutor always checks in with me to make sure I am truly understanding the material. The ACT/SAT tutor is awesome! We’ve been working together for about two months now and I scored a 30 on my first try. I feel confident that I’ll do well on the official test when it comes around. I really recommend The Brain Domain! They’re awesome.
Irina W., High School Student
The Brain Domain helps you become more organized in completing assignments and studying for tests. My tutors make studying more efficient, which allows you to spend more time getting work done and actually studying the material instead of searching for answers. So in working with The Brain Domain you are far more prepared for quizzes and tests. My tutors are very knowledgeable, keep me on track, and make learning the material completely painless and stress-free. They also keep you laughing and engaged the whole time — it’s nice to get through the homework assignments and by the end not only feel great about the material, but to do it in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore is pretty amazing. I would definitely recommend The Brain Domain.
J.L., College Student
Yoshi is the best tutor ever! He is patient and so good at breaking things down to where you can understand them. He has a great attitude too. He saved me is Algebra. I was gonna drop the class but with his tutoring I got an A!!
Katy D., Nontraditional College Student
Bonnie has been tutoring my 10 yr old son, Jamie, for almost 6 months and we are very happy with her. My son has a problem with staying focused for a period of time, but Bonnie is always able to get his attention everyday she tutors him. My son always looks forward to her coming. She is firm when she needs to be and very caring when he is having a bad day. My son has gone from starting the school year with low grades and not much confidence in himself to being very confident and getting higher grades. I have had tutors in the past for my son, but Bonnie has turned out to be the best. I have peace of mind knowing that she is capable of tutoring and helping him throughout the school year.
Esmie C., Mother of an Elementary School Student
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