When it comes to helping your student succeed in the classroom, there are quite a few strategies that you can implement outside of the classroom to support what is being taught in the classroom. Whether your students is in first grade or fifth grade, these tips will help your student have a solid foundation in his or her education.

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Consistent Routine

It is important for students to have a consistent routine during the week and weekend. Have a specific space with minimal distractions in the house that is dedicated to completing homework. The student should use this space to complete homework around the same time each day if possible. Maintaining a regular schedule for completing homework during the week will help the student easily transition into “homework mode” when completing homework rather than being distracted by a new environment each time he or she does homework.  Having a specific space at a specific time each day set aside for homework will help the student complete assignments in a timely manner so that they do not pile up during the week. Sometimes it may be beneficial to take a break from homework for a day on the weekend to rejuvenate from a long week; however, the student should maintain the same routine for completing homework on the weekend when there is homework to finish.

Clear Expectations         

At the beginning of the semester, teachers lay out classroom rules that help to foster a learning environment. Take the time to find out what the teacher expects regarding learning environment, homework, deadlines, and tests. These expectations by the teacher should be reinforced at home. Parents should support students and teachers by holding the student to the same standard as teachers. For example, if a teacher does not allow students to use a calculator on a test, then parents should not allow the student to use a calculator when studying for the test. In  a classroom students are not permitted to watch television while working on assignments; in the same way, students should not work on assignments in front of the television at home.

Get Involved

Actively engaging in the parent roles at school is a great way to support your student in the academic setting. By volunteering your time and talent at the school, you will gain valuable insight on your student’s education. Being involved at a school shows your student and the teacher how much you value your student’s education and can help your student’s drive to learn. Teachers feel supported when parents get involved and help with school functions. Getting involved in your student’s school can require as little or as much time and effort as you want. A little time and effort can go a long way for your student’s education.

Support Needs

Parents play a huge part in supporting the needs of teachers and students. Meet with your student’s teacher and find out how you can support his or her in the classroom and at home. Set time aside to help your student with homework, review report cards, come up with a learning plan, and review any potential issues. Constant communication with your student and teacher is imperative so that you can remain involved in your student’s education. Being available for your student and his or her teacher is one of the best ways to support their needs.

Praise Progress

 As a parent, your role as an advocate, cheer-leader, and encourager cannot be emphasized enough. Perhaps the most important way to support your student is by encouraging your student to try his or her best. Praise your student for any progress that is made academically and encourage your student to never give up if he or she is struggling. Sometimes all a student needs is a little confidence boost to succeed. If your child needs additional academic support, contact The Brain Domain to set up an initial consultation. Our goal is to complement your student’s education and further his or her learning to achieve the progress he or she desires.