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Want to improve your SAT and ACT scores so you can get into the college of your dreams, possibly even with a full-tuition scholarship? At the Brain Domain, we offer a personalized experience by having small classes and dedicated one-on-one time with a tutor. All test prep classes are taught by experienced tutors with years of experience and proven excellence in their field.


July Summer Test Prep Classes


July 15th through July 25th 

4pm – 6pm

Week 1: Monday – Friday

Week 2: Monday – Thursday


July 15th through July 25th

10am – 12pm (noon)

Week 1: Monday – Friday

Week 2: Monday – Thursday


*(Based on package purchased) proctored tests will be held on July 13th, July 20th, and July 27th at 9:00am.

Accelerated Program


July 29th through August 3rd

Monday – Friday: 4pm – 7pm

& Saturday: 10am – 1pm


*(Based on package purchased) proctored tests will be held on either July 13th, July 20th, and July 27th, as well as August 7th and August 12th at 9:00am.

All classes will be taught in the central Houston area.

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The Brain Domain Difference

Here at The Brain Domain, we have the same goal as you: to improve your SAT and ACT scores so you can get into the college of their dreams, possibly even with a full-tuition scholarship.

This is something we’ve helped many students achieve with our Summer Test Prep Classes, which we’re now making even better and more personalized by having smaller classes and more dedicated one-on-one time with our tutors. Small classes and more dedicated one-on-one time means you will be able to focus on your specific needs, ask any questions you want, and discuss the things you’re most worried and stressed about. It means they’ll be prepared, stress-free, and able to perform to the best of their ability.

And let’s be honest: no one would want to have to sit in a big class and have no one-on-one time with the teacher when prepping for such an important, life-changing test. Imagine the overwhelming feeling with this test coming, all the stress it causes. Now imagine being able to take the test with confidence. That’s what we offer to our students. That’s what we are offering to you!

Just like our one-on-one tutoring, our Summer Test Prep Classes will be taught only by an elite tutor who has been through a rigorous selection process. The curriculum was written by our Founder and Head Tutor, Bonnie Treece, a recognized expert in the field of education with over 16 years of tutoring experience.

The Brain Domain Test Prep
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The Brain Domain summer test prep

We want all students to be able to benefit from premium summer test prep, so we offer 3 options (w/ payment plans available):

The Overachiever
This includes:
for the students and parents who want it all...
All of "The Independent," PLUS...
2 additional proctored tests with individualized feedback*
5 hours of one-on-one prep with teacher
2 hours of one-on-one prep with Bonnie
($300 Value)
2-hour College Counseling Strategy Session with Bonnie
($250 Value)
45 min Test Prep Strategy Session with Bonnie
($120 Value)
Point Increase Guarantee**
250+ on SAT; 3+ on ACT
$2197 - SIGN UP NOW!

The Independent
This includes:
for the students who need less help...
18 hours of fun & focused class w/ test prep expert
1 proctored tests with individualized feedback*
Customized study plan for continued prep
Official test prep book
Access to over 50 additional REAL practice tests
Access to previously unreleased resources (to be announced soon!)
No Guarantee
$897 - Sign Up Now

When choosing the top two packages, we guarantee a score increase of at least 250 on the SAT or an increase of at least 3 on the ACT, or another class is on us! **The student must complete all assignments, participate in class, attend all class sessions, and attend all one-on-one sessions (if applicable) to qualify.

Classes are limited to 15 students. YES! I’m Ready to Boost My Test Score 

How To Bullet-Proof Your Test Preparation with Our Summer Test Prep

  • Learn how to ace the SAT or ACT so you can attend the college of your dreams!
  • Master the test-taking strategies that will help you avoid stressing out on test day and help you feel confident and calm so you can focus on what truly matters: getting the highest score possible.
  • Excel in all of the content areas (Math, English, etc.) so you no longer feel like you’re weak in math or “not a good reader,” meaning you will raise your score in each section with ease.
  • Discover the secrets of the writing portion to ensure you get a top-notch writing score to brag about on your college applications and impress college admission counselors by letting them know you’re well-rounded and a gifted writer.
  • Learn how to manage your timing for peak performance, so you answer every single question, not leave points behind, and achieve the highest score possible
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My tutor from The Brain Domain is prepping me for the ACT and SAT. The subject tutor always checks in with me to make sure I am truly understanding the material. The ACT/SAT tutor is awesome! We’ve been working together for about two months now, and I scored a 30 on the ACT on my first try. I feel confident that I’ll do well on the official test when it comes around. I really recommend The Brain Domain! They’re awesome.
- Irina W
We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome our son has received in the 8 weeks he’s been tutoring with The Brain Domain. Our tutor has worked closely with our son in the area of ACT tutoring, teaching him the necessary tools and strategies that will be helpful for him when the official test arrives. Not only has our son’s confidence increased, but his score has nearly doubled. We couldn’t be happier.
- Mollie K
I had always been really nervous with tests and never seemed to perform to my full potential. Because of this, the SAT seemed to be about the most frightening idea on the planet. The added pressures of getting into college with this test score really added to the fear factor of it all. When I took the PSAT at school and received my score back, I soon realized I needed to reach out for help. At first, I was a little timid about getting a tutor because I had generally not needed one for school, but it was definitely the right choice. My tutor made me feel so comfortable with not only the idea of it being okay to reach out for help, but the SAT itself! My score improved over 200 points after just the first few sessions. Practice really does make perfect, and The Brain Domain definitely helped me get there. Because of the Brain Domain’s help, I was able to reach my goal test score and get into my dream university!
- Natalie R.
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