“I live for the weekend” is a popular phrase that rules many people’s lives. The weekend is a time to catch up on the things that we neglected during the week, try out a new hobby, or spend time with family and friends. During the week, many of us find ourselves doing a countdown to the weekend and then a breakdown of the weekend. By the time you leave your office on a Friday, you probably have a good idea of what you want your weekend to look like. You begin to think of how many hours that you have in the weekend and calculate that you have 48 hours from Saturday to Sunday. If you sleep the recommended 8 hours each night, you subtract 16 hours, leaving you with 32 hours to do other things. You may spend 12 hours with family going to the park, playing a game, or cooking and eating food together. This leaves you with 20 hours to complete miscellaneous tasks such as exercising, cleaning, showering, socializing, reading, or doing a hobby. Have you ever considered the impact that just one hour has on your weekend? An hour, utilized properly, has the potential to profoundly impact your quality of life. What if I told you that using one hour each week in a particular setting could benefit you cognitively, socially, culturally, and professionally? What if the cost for all of that benefit was a mere $30? Does this sound too good to be true? Thankfully, it’s not. With The Brain Domain, the quality of your life can increase through an hourly Spanish workshop once a week. Before you close your computer or push the “home” button on your smartphone, consider how a Spanish workshop for adults may be the quality hour that your weekends need to make them even better. A Spanish workshop may improve you:



Who doesn’t want to be smarter? Imagine improving your memory and critical thinking abilities in a fun environment. Learning Spanish will sharpen your memory by learning and remembering new words and phrases. Understanding the grammatical side of a new language will sharpen your critical thinking when you practice the learned language in new environment and combine words in different tenses to make phrases.

Spanish workshops


One of the many benefits of having the Spanish workshops in a group setting rather than our traditional “one-on-one” approach is the social aspect of the workshop. A group setting provides the opportunity to make new friends and practice pronunciation with someone else who may also have a comical pronunciation of a word that helps you remember the word or phrase naturally. Learning Spanish will significantly impact your social life by allowing you to communicate with servers at an authentic Mexican restaurant or to ask a friendly shopper at the grocery store about how they cook certain foods. You may feel more confident traveling to some foreign countries after learning a new language which will significantly expand your social network of people and places to visit.

spanish workshops


Are you planning a trip to Costa Rica, Cozumel, or simply the grocery store? We are surrounded by a Spanish-speaking culture that can only be tapped into if one understands Spanish. If you live in Texas, you will undoubtedly encounter individuals who speak Spanish and the quality of your encounter will dramatically increase if you are able to converse with them in their native tongue. Engaging someone in their native language will make them feel more comfortable conversing with you and will allow you to experience their authentic expression of self. Many phrases, traditions, and expressions only make sense when they are understood in the native language.



Are you looking for professional advancement or networking opportunities? According to the United States Census Bureau, 38.6% of the population in Texas is Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino. Learning Spanish will benefit you professionally by opening up to a whole new demographic of potential business partners and clients. Being able to speak Spanish will make you and the company that you represent more marketable. Employers will see that you are someone who challenges himself or herself and isn’t afraid to try something new. Your time management skills will also resonate as you use an hour of your weekend to engage in a workshop that will transform your daily life from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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The Brain Domain is offering beginner and intermediate level Spanish workshops for adults who want to learn or improve their Spanish. The workshops are fully supported and facilitated by The Brain Domain and will be taught by a fluent Spanish speaker with nearly 10 years of teaching experience. We must emphasize that seating at these workshops is very limited so that students can still receive focused attention from the instructor. There are only 6 spots remaining per workshop as of this writing. Reservations for seating must be made in advance by calling (713) 234-5784 or emailing contact@the-brain-domain.com.

Our Spanish Workshops:

When: Saturdays

Beginner level from 10-11AM (for individuals with little or no Spanish experience)

Intermediate level from 11AM-12PM (for individuals who know the present tense and are familiar with the preterite and imperfect tenses)

Where: The Brain Domain’s Office (2525 Robinhood, Houston, TX 77005)

Content covered: conjugations, vocabulary, pronunciation, how to formulate sentences, conversational practice, and much more


Be intentional about your weekend plans to ensure that you spend your time in a way that is meaningful and transformative. Why not join us at a workshop on a Saturday to see what all of the hype is about? Space is extremely limited for the Spanish workshops, so make your reservation today by calling (713) 234-5784.