Meet The Team

Bonnie Treece


Bonnie founded The Brain Domain after noticing that her students were not being taught in the way that worked best for them. Bonnie determined it would be best for her students if The Brain Domain focused on customizing lessons to the students’ learning styles, personalities, and much more. She is passionate about helping others succeed and really enjoys receiving all of the positive feedback from The Brain Domain’s awesome students. She received her BA in Psychology and graduated summa cum laude.

Lead College Counselor & Head of Tutoring
12+ years of Tutoring Experience

Favorite Contributions: meeting with new clients to determine their learning styles and needs, and matching them with the perfect tutor
Favorite Topics: SAT & ACT Prep and College Counseling
My Idea of Fun: playing with my beloved dog, Penny, hosting dinner parties with friends, and watching Shark Tank

Client Services Manager

Annie is a graduate of The Kinkaid School here in Houston and holds a BS in Business Administration from Washington & Lee University. For the majority of her professional life, she has worked as a paralegal, during which time she thoroughly enjoyed working directly with clients and attending to their needs. She brings this level of customer service to us at The Brain Domain and is committed to our success and that of your kiddos!

Client Services Manager
8 years of experience

Favorite Contributions: interacting with our clients and ensuring their success by matching them with the perfect tutor
My Idea of Fun: lacrosse; powerlifting; and her fur baby, Brewster

Annie Tompkins

Lacretia Mitchell

Executive Assistant

Lacretia has a master’s degree in Adult Education Training from the University of Central Oklahoma. She’s been a full-time executive assistant for many years. Currently, she specializes in handling all of The Brain Domain’s admin and social media, as well as supporting our founder, Bonnie. Lacretia loves her work because she gets to turn abstract ideas into concrete realities, which enables and empowers us to further grow The Brain Domain.

Executive Assistant
5 years of experience

Favorite Contributions: doing the everyday admin tasks to an exceptional standard so that we can further grow the company and help more students
My Idea of Fun: spending time with my family, watching movies, & cooking


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Alissa Henza, Ph.D.

PhD in Geological Sciences
8 years of tutoring & teaching experience
Favorite topics: pre-calculus, calculus, physics, & geology/earth science
My idea of fun: knitting, reading, & traveling

Allen Portier

MA in Psychology
3 years of tutoring experience
Favorite topics: all psychology courses & statistics
My idea of fun: playing basketball, going to concerts, & anything comic book related

Amanda Cook

Currently working toward MA in Teaching
BS in Petroleum Engineering
4 years of teaching & tutoring experience
Favorite topics: middle school math through algebra II, middle school science, biology, and chemistry
My idea of fun: reading, volunteering, & watching cartoons

            Cathie Pett

MEd in Elementary Education 
BS in Elementary Education with honors
30+ years of teaching & tutoring experience
Favorite topics: elementary math & reading 
My idea of fun: visiting with my family, online shopping, & reading

David Glaesemann

MA in Teaching
MA in English
20 years of teaching & tutoring experience
Favorite topics: essay writing, reading, ACT/SAT/GRE English prep, & literature
My idea of fun: marathon running, reading, & spending time with my wonderful family

Graeme Knight

BS in Mechanical Engineering
6 years of tutoring experience
Favorite topics: math of all types
My idea of fun: competitive rowing & reading

Kelsey Smegner

MS in Biomedical Engineering
9 years of tutoring experience
Favorite topics: math & science
My idea of fun: hiking, playing trivia, & going out to eat

Rita S. Asuquo

BS in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
4 years of tutoring experience
Favorite topics: chemistry & biology
My idea of fun: scrapbooking, re-watching Harry Potter movies, & playing extreme paintball

Rosemaria Varghese

Currently working toward MS in Applied Mathematics
BS in Mathematics
3 years of tutoring experience
Favorite topics: all math-related subjects
My idea of fun: trying new food, watching documentaries, & exercising

Sasha Pejerrey, Ph.D.

PhD in Biomedical Sciences
BS in Biology, summa cum laude
6 years of tutoring experience
Favorite topics: biology & editing
My idea of fun: play with my two kids, going to the theatre, & dancing


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