College Counseling in Houston

College counseling in Houston

A big change is coming… your student is moving from the high school structured classroom environment to college.

There is an endless list of choices for college: private, public, Ivy League, in-state, the family alma mater, etc.

Choosing the right one is imperative — and stressful.

Our Houston college counselors help your student narrow down the choices.

The consultants will then work with your child to draft application essays and even help with the applications themselves, all while staying on top of all of the application deadlines.

Our counselors will help your student build a strong resume and can even help navigate the complicated world of scholarships and financial aid. We are here to help!

School Selection

A student’s success in college is highly dependent on his or her sense of belonging and subsequent happiness.

As we get to know your student, we learn about those factors that will impact their future success. The whole process is then centered around the academic goals as well as the student’s individual needs.

Then we get to work on implementing The Brain Domain’s College Counseling process.

Scholarships & More

We aren’t just concerned with providing college admissions assistance. We are concerned with the whole experience.

We help students with scholarship essay writing and even walk them through the complicated process of financial aid.

Furthermore, we can walk students through the process of selecting and applying for on-campus housing.

College Is Competitive

Average Acceptance Rate of Ivy League Schools for the Class of 2018… 9%
Average Acceptance Rate of the University of Texas at Austin… 40%
Average Acceptance Rate of Texas A&M University… 69%

Statistics via Business Insider, US News, & US News.

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