Supporting Students for Success in the Classroom


When it comes to helping your student succeed in the classroom, there are quite a few strategies that you can implement outside of the classroom to support what is being taught in the classroom. Whether your students is in first grade or fifth grade, these tips will help your student have a solid foundation in [...]

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Which College Application Deadline is Right for You?


Being a senior in high school comes with many decisions, especially when it comes to the college application process. First, you must decide what you plan to study and which school(s) you would like to attend. After you decide on a major and a college, you must check their admission requirements including standardized test scores [...]

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Motivation to Maintain Your “A” Game


We’ve all been there. It’s middle of the semester and you find yourself knee-deep in assignments, waist-deep in exams, and neck-deep in extracurricular activities that leave you burned out.  Burn-out often results in us justifying our less than “standard” performance. The low performance begins to turn into a downward spiral as the semester progresses. Many [...]

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Creating a Strong College Application & College Application Essay


The college application process can be daunting when there are many application requirements and deadlines. The first step in applying to a university is visiting the website of the school or schools that you are interested in. Make a table that includes rows for each college and columns for application deadlines, admission test requirements such [...]

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How to Stay Focused at School and Work


Focusing on one task at a time has become very difficult in our modern age with many distractions. It is not uncommon to have your smartphone next to you as you try to accomplish a task, only to find it buzzing with texts, social media alerts, and weather updates every few minutes. In order to [...]

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Back to School: Preparing for Success


There was a man who lived nearly three hundred years ago and is still recognized today for his unique time management skills. His simple methodologies for time management set a precedent for success. This man was none other than Benjamin Franklin. Because of his intentional use of time, Franklin invented swim flippers at the young [...]

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