Should I Take the ACT or the SAT?

Navigating the college planning and admissions process can be stressful and confusing for anyone. Capable high school students with helpful parents as well as independent students with packed resumes may still stumble during the process, thanks to all of the conflicting information they receive about taking the ACT or the SAT.

Here at The Brain Domain, […]

Making the Most of Your School Year

Fear of failure takes center stage as a leading cause of procrastination. As the school year begins and late weeknights slip away, the overwhelming shadows of exams and endless classwork tear their roots into every aspect of life once again. But what if they don’t have to? What if you had the ability to plant […]

The College Roadmap: Senior Year

Your senior year of highschool may be one of the most important transitions in life as you close one chapter and open a new one pursing new things. Throughout elementary school and middle school, you probably had a set routine that you followed everyday. In high school, you begin to experience a little more freedom in academia […]

The College Roadmap: Junior Year

Your junior year of high school is an exciting time; you are over halfway finished with high school! Your third year of high school plays a pivotal part of your future with college visits, internships, standardized tests, and AP classes. Setting goals for your junior year will help you smoothly transition into your senior year […]

The College Roadmap: Sophomore Year

What does a high school student and a long-distance runner have in common? They must be very focused on certain things in order to reach their goal—the finish line. In the Freshman Year blog, we emphasized that your focus should be on adjusting to a more difficult course load, taking advanced classes, and joining clubs. By […]

The College Roadmap: Freshman Year

You are officially in high school. The classes you take matter. The grades you make matter. Your test scores matter. The friends you surround yourself with matter. This is the big leagues–you’re preparing for college. In this four-part series entitled The College Roadmap, we’ll show you key actions that you should take each year of […]