Benefits of Summer Tutoring


Summer is fast-approaching and many students are anxiously awaiting the final dismissal bell before abandoning academics for a few months. Ah, the joys of relaxation. However, many of us are far too familiar with the anxiety that comes with the new school year because many students have forgotten important material or feel unprepared for a [...]

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Tutoring and Homeschooling: Complementing Your Curriculum


Choosing the right curriculum is the focus of many homeschool families and was an essential element in my education growing up as well. There are many reasons why people choose to homeschool and often it is to provide the children with the best environment and opportunities to thrive in society and as individuals. Have you [...]

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Changes to the SAT in 2016 and How They Will Affect YOU


The SAT is taken by thousands of high school students every year. You may find yourself preparing for it right now. Are you aware that next year it is going to be drastically different? Several aspects of the SAT are changing in major ways; this affects how you should study, what you should prepare for, [...]

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ACT or SAT: Which one is right for YOU?


Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the tremendous amount of decisions and pressure that you are faced with as you near your high school graduation? Maintaining a certain GPA, building a good resume, choosing a college, and applying for scholarships are all important steps in attaining admission to the school of your dreams. However, equally important is [...]

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Maximizing Your Learning Potential


Have you ever wondered why some people study so efficiently for an upcoming test while you still find yourself laboring over flashcards for hours? The key to their success is found in their mastery of their unique learning style. Discovering your learning style will allow you to maximize your learning potential. Learning styles are various ways that [...]

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Reminder: Texas A&M Application Deadline


Reminder: The application deadline for Texas A&M University is approaching! December 1, 2014 Apply at: Need help with your Texas A&M University application? Contact The Brain Domain TODAY so that we can get the ball rolling! We have excellent college counsellors on staff who can meet with you to help tailor your resume, craft [...]

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