Summer is fast-approaching and many students are anxiously awaiting the final dismissal bell before abandoning academics for a few months. Ah, the joys of relaxation. However, many of us are far too familiar with the anxiety that comes with the new school year because many students have forgotten important material or feel unprepared for a new difficult course (physics, for example). How can this be avoided? By utilizing a professional tutor, you can master challenging concepts in any subject, prepare for upcoming SAT/ACT exams, and have guidance regarding the entire college application process. Utilizing tutoring during the school year is important to pass classes with the grades that you want and to understand the material for future classes. But even more important, at times, are the rewards of summer tutoring. Consider the following benefits:

  1. Summer tutoring provides an opportunity to review difficult material. There are always a few concepts that are more difficult than others. Use the summer to focus on the areas that were challenging from the past school year in order to be prepared for future classes. Often we don’t realize how important it is to understand what we have been taught in school. The foundation that one has in reading, basic and complex math, history, reading and science will reflect in all future academics. It is imperative that elementary students as well as high school students have a solid grasp on the material that they learn. Take some time out of your summer to work with a tutor to ensure a solid foundation in last year’s content to continue working from in the fall.
  2. Working with a tutor during the summer helps students retain past content for a smooth transition into the following academic year. Summer break is very long and provides plenty of time to clear the mind. Consequently, the lengthy break that summer provides often leaves students struggling to remember the material from previous school years. Trying to review past material and learn challenging new material in the fall is quite difficult. Therefore, we recommend working with a tutor during the summer to periodically review material. (Really, what’s a few hours here and there? It’s an investment that pays you back generously.)
  3. Without the demands of class time, homework, and extracurricular activities, the summer allows students the perfect opportunity to study for the ACT or SAT. The ACT and SAT are usually taken during some of the busiest years of students’ life making it challenging to squeeze studying into their schedules. Take advantage of the summer break to work with a tutor to study for an entrance exam and or to prepare your applications to colleges and universities.
  4. The summer is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming school year and anticipate the preparation needed to succeed in each class. For example, don’t consider yourself a science pro? Get a head start on chemistry with a tutor this summer! It is always a good idea to look at the classes that a student will be taking in the upcoming school year in order to adequately prepare. Tutors are a valuable part of the preparation process since they can help students overcome obstacles from previous years and help conquer potential stumbling blocks in future classes before you actually have a chance to stumble.

Before you fill your summer with activities, consider setting aside some time to meet with a tutor to review difficult material, prevent forgetting past information, study for standardized tests, apply to colleges and universities, and prepare for the upcoming school year.

Remember: “He who fails to plan is planning to fail!” (Wise words by Winston Churchill.) Plan in advance to take advantage of some free time this summer to get a leg up on your academics.


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