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Claire Cara, Tutoring Coordinator at The Brain Domain, is an all-around team player. From managing social media to managing the tutors' schedules, she gets it all done knowing that her work enables The Brain Domain tutors to deliver student success.

The College Roadmap: Junior Year

Your junior year of high school is an exciting time; you are over halfway finished with high school! Your third year of high school plays a pivotal part of your future with college visits, internships, standardized tests, and AP classes. Setting goals for your junior year will help you smoothly transition into your senior year […]

The College Roadmap: Sophomore Year

What does a high school student and a long-distance runner have in common? They must be very focused on certain things in order to reach their goal—the finish line. In the Freshman Year blog, we emphasized that your focus should be on adjusting to a more difficult course load, taking advanced classes, and joining clubs. By […]

The College Roadmap: Freshman Year

You are officially in high school. The classes you take matter. The grades you make matter. Your test scores matter. The friends you surround yourself with matter. This is the big leagues–you’re preparing for college. In this four-part series entitled The College Roadmap, we’ll show you key actions that you should take each year of […]

Motivation: Getting Started and Getting Ahead

Have you ever felt unmotivated to finish something, and then you read a quote or someone says something that changes your whole attitude? That, my friends, is the simple power of motivation. Motivation can come from internal or external sources and will vary from person to person. Something that motivates me may not motivate the […]

What are You Doing with Your Weekends?

“I live for the weekend” is a popular phrase that rules many people’s lives. The weekend is a time to catch up on the things that we neglected during the week, try out a new hobby, or spend time with family and friends. During the week, many of us find ourselves doing a countdown to […]

Tax Deductions and Credits for Higher Education

Please note: Some of the following information has been taken from the IRS website (cited below).
One of the most expensive, yet rewarding, monetary investments you can make is in your child’s education. Since tax season is upon us, now is a good time to consider where you may qualify for tax credits and deductions. Seeking the […]