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Bonnie Treece, owner and head tutor at The Brain Domain, is passionate about creating a tailored learning environment for every student. This ensures that each student becomes a confident, successful learner.

Making the Most of Your School Year

Fear of failure takes center stage as a leading cause of procrastination. As the school year begins and late weeknights slip away, the overwhelming shadows of exams and endless classwork tear their roots into every aspect of life once again. But what if they don’t have to? What if you had the ability to plant […]

The College Roadmap: Senior Year

Your senior year of highschool may be one of the most important transitions in life as you close one chapter and open a new one pursing new things. Throughout elementary school and middle school, you probably had a set routine that you followed everyday. In high school, you begin to experience a little more freedom in academia […]

Summer Brain Stimulation

Students look forward to summer often for the freedom from academic demands. It is necessary to relax and enjoy some time away from the textbooks. However, not actively engaging your brain for several months or weeks may make it difficult to transition back in to the “school mode” when classes roll around again. There are […]

The Biggest Secret About “Math People”

I know one really big secret that I’ll bet you don’t know. Want to know what it is?

Ready for it?

Here it is…

YOU are a math person! Yes, YOU!

Now, say it three times fast:

I AM a Math Person!

I AM a Math Person!
I AM a Math Person!
You’re probably thinking, “She doesn’t know me…how could she possibly know I’m […]

Avoiding the Infamous Summer Learning Loss

Although summertime is not normally associated with new academic material and upcoming exams, students of all ages find that there is a loss of academic drive and knowledge during the summer months. A study by Dr. Harris Cooper of Duke University found that a summer break can lead to an academic “slump” associated with a […]

Navigating the College Application Process

Going to college is a crucial milestone in a person’s life; it signifies the first step toward adulthood and oftentimes is the beginning of one’s independence. Thus, it’s important to find not only a college with great academics, but also one where you will be happy, comfortable, and thrive

My name is Shreya and I am […]