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Our goal is for your child to thrive in his or her academic environment. After you and your child complete an intake form, we will be able to create a custom approach to address your child’s needs.

Is your son a kinesthetic learner? Does your daughter love Taylor Swift? Do you think that’s not related to tutoring? We can assure you that it is! We will take all of the information you provide us with and use it to help us meet your learner’s unique needs.

If your son needs to move frequently, we will make sure that happens! If your daughter needs us to explain math in terms of a Taylor Swift song, we can arrange that! At The Brain Domain,  we not only understand — we appreciate — that each person is unique and requires a unique approach to tutoring, which is not offered in a school setting.

  • Committed to tailored teaching methods for each student’s unique needs
  • Fueled by the notion that we are helping students write their own success stories
  • Boosting confidence is our greatest achievement — we help each student find the successful learner within
the brain domain
I was desperate for an Algebra tutor for my son. Bonnie came to assess my son’s needs and recommended a tutor best to fit them. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better. We got Yoshi & he was so professional and on the top of his game that literally the next day my son aced his quiz. He went from a low D to now a high B hopefully an A by the time school finishes. My only regret is not finding The Brain Domain earlier in the year. I highly recommend them!!!
Amanda C., Mother of a Middle School Student

About The Brain Domain Founder

Bonnie Treece
Bonnie TreeceFounder, Head Tutor
  • Graduated summa cum laude from the University of St. Thomas with a BA in psychology
  • Translates her education from the University of St. Thomas and experience at Baylor College of Medicine into The Brain Domain’s teaching philosophy
  • Passionate about tailored learning for every student, especially creating the right learning environment for students with special needs

Although Bonnie Treece started tutoring well before the creation of her official company, she decided to become more serious about it after graduating from the University of St. Thomas in Houston in May of 2014 summa cum laude with a BA in psychology. She always enjoyed learning and helping others, so combining the two was ideal.

She decided to found The Brain Domain in September of 2014 after her sole proprietorship business tripled in one week’s time. Bonnie’s exuberance and humor captures her students’ attention and makes it easier for them to stay focused, including her students who have learning disabilities.

Bonnie has over 12 years of professional tutoring experience, including working with numerous students with special needs. Her professional experience includes doing neuropsychological research at Baylor College of Medicine, where she is still asked to participate, being an ABA therapist, and being Vice President of her chapter of Best Buddies.

Due to the high demand for quality tutors in the Houston area, Bonnie decided to start The Brain Domain LLC. All of the tutors who work for The Brain Domain are hand-selected and interviewed by Bonnie and undergo a mock tutoring session with her to ensure quality control.

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