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Here at The Brain Domain, we have the same goal as you: to improve your student’s SAT and ACT scores so they can get into the college of their dreams, possibly even with a full-tuition scholarship.

This is something we’ve helped many students achieve over the past few years with our Summer Test Prep Classes, which we’re now making even better and more personalized by having much smaller classes and more dedicated one-on-one time with our tutors. Small classes and more dedicated one-on-one time means your student will be able to focus on their specific needs, ask any questions they want, and discuss the things they’re most worried and stressed about. It means they’ll be prepared, stress-free, and able to perform to the best of their ability.

And let’s be honest: you don’t want your student to have to sit in a big class and have no one-on-one time with the teacher when prepping for such an important, life-changing test. That might even increase their stress.

Just like our one-on-one tutoring, our Summer Test Prep Classes will be taught only by an elite tutor who has been through a rigorous selection process. They will also be taught by our Founder and Head Tutor, Bonnie Treece, a test prep expert. All classes will be conveniently located near Rice Village in central Houston.

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Amanda Cook, Pro Test Prep Tutor

  • Amanda has been tutoring for 6 years now, and the reason she started tutoring in the first place is because she believes every student can learn if given the right environment and amount of patience. She left college debt-free thanks to multiple scholarships. She has a graduate school grade point average of 3.8 and is currently working towards her master’s degree in teaching.
  • Amanda has helped numerous students increase their SAT scores, and she’s seen increases of 150 per section. On average, Amanda will improve a student’s score by over 200 points.
  • Amanda has helped many students improve their ACT scores, with a recent student of hers increasing from a 26 to a 31 – that’s a jump from the 83rd percentile to the 96th percentile. It takes an uncommonly skilled and dedicated tutor to take a very high score and increase it to near-perfect.
  • Amanda will be teaching all test prep classes in June this summer.

Bonnie Treece, Founder and Head Tutor

  • Before starting The Brain Domain three years ago, Bonnie had already been tutoring for 10 years, giving her a wealth of experience. She’s passionate about helping students write their success stories, and she demonstrates this through her dynamic teaching style which keeps her students engaged at all times.
  • Bonnie has helped countless students drastically improve their SAT scores. One student’s score improved from a 770 to a 1400, which is a jump from the 6th percentile all the way up to the 92nd percentile. On average, her students see an increase of at least 300 points.
  • Bonnie has seen similarly brilliant results with the ACT. One of her current students has improved his score from a 14 to a 28 – that’s a jump from only the 13th percentile to the 89th percentile. Most of her students increase their scores by at least 5 points.
  • Bonnie will be teaching all test prep classes in July this summer.
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I had always been really nervous with tests and never seemed to perform to my full potential. Because of this, the SAT seemed to be about the most frightening idea on the planet. The added pressures of getting into college with this test score really added to the fear factor of it all. When I took the PSAT at school and received my score back, I soon realized I needed to reach out for help. At first, I was a little timid about getting a tutor because I had generally not needed one for school, but it was definitely the right choice. My tutor made me feel so comfortable with not only the idea of it being okay to reach out for help, but the SAT itself! My score improved over 200 points after just the first few sessions. Practice really does make perfect, and The Brain Domain definitely helped me get there. Because of the Brain Domain’s help, I was able to reach my goal test score and get into my dream university!    -Natalie R.

My tutor from The Brain Domain is prepping me for the ACT and SAT. We’ve been working together for about two months now, and I scored a 30 on the ACT on my first try. I feel confident that I’ll do well on the official test when it comes around. I really recommend The Brain Domain! They’re awesome.   -Irina W.

We want our Summer Test Prep Classes to be convenient for you, so we’re offering 3 different options:

Best Value
(available for SAT and ACT)
This includes:
18 hours of class prep for either test
2 proctored full-length practice tests with individualized feedback
5 hours of one-on-one prep with the teacher
2 additional hours of one-on-one prep with Bonnie, a test prep expert
1 hour of college counseling
All class materials other than a calculator

Most Popular
(available for SAT and ACT)
This includes:
18 hours of class prep for either test
1 proctored full-length practice test with individualized feedback
3 hours of one-on-one prep with the teacher
All class materials other than a calculator

Basic Prep
(available for SAT and ACT)
This includes:
18 hours of class prep for either test
Test prep book

10% Off Registrations Completed by June 7th

Another Happy Student

We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome our son has received in the 8 weeks he’s been tutoring with The Brain Domain. Our tutor has worked closely with out son in the area of ACT tutoring, teaching him the necessary tools and strategies that will be helpful for him when the official test arrives. Not only has our son’s confidence increased, but his score has nearly doubled. We couldn’t be happier.   – Mollie K.

Schedule for Summer Test Prep Classes 

July (taught by Founder and Head Tutor, Bonnie Treece)

July Summer Test Prep Classes will run

July 10 through July 28

Monday, 10am – 12pm
Wednesday, 10am – 12pm
Friday, 10am – 12pm
Tuesday, 10am – 1pm
Thursday, 10am – 1pm

All classes will be taught near Rice Village in central Houston.

10% Off Registrations Completed by June 7th

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